There is a place for memories, but there is also a place in the here and now - Samhain 2019.

Marta shares the Wunjo rune and these words for Samhain. Wunjo interpretation is allowing and choosing joy.

When remembering something, or someone, we feel the urge to recreate that moment, that time.

Sometimes we can, in a way, often we can’t.

Be that because it's a childhood thing we were doing, be that it's something simply not done anymore, be that persons who were involved and thus created the experience together with us are no more…

The realization of our inability to re-create the joys of the past can hurt.

And in the case of remembering those who traveled across the rainbow bridge, the realization hurts incredibly much.

We can get ourselves lost in it, desperate because what once was, we cannot have again. This absence is desperately painful.

I think the goal is to push ourselves to create new joyful memories. In order to be able to truly enjoy the past and think back with a smile. But also to be able to live, to truly live again and enjoy life to its fullest.

Wouldn’t that be what our ancestors want us to do?

There may always be a little sadness about what once has been and cannot be anymore. But we ourselves have the power to make something new or in some cases simply to make the best possible out of the situation.

Which is work at times, hard work even. And sometimes something great and lovely is the result, sometimes it's just moving onwards and that's it.

I myself have the power to do something about my own joy – and I should do the best I can.

This is what accepting and choosing joy are to me now. I could be sad and dwell on memories only and go down that road, making myself sick and miserable. Or I can push myself to find new ways and new things to enjoy.

There is a place for memories, but there is also a place in the here and now. Both are important.

Something for the group to maybe say together –empowering?

With Wunjo, I choose joy.
I don’t wait for joy to come to me.
I will seek it myself and I will choose it and make it my own.
Hail to my beloved ancestors for having walked with me in the past!
Hail to my beloved ancestors for walking with me in the present!
And Hail to US, for walking in joy in the future!