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Spring Equinox - A simple celebration of Goodbye and Hello

Gather at the beach in Donabate at 10am, Saturday 21st March.

We will walk to the high tide line, (high tide is 10am), and open circle, acknowledge the time of year, (Ostara, renewal, etc) and say thanks to the darkness and welcome the lengthening light.

To really say goodbye, we can pick up a stone from the beach and throw it into the sea, throwing away that which no longer serves, ie, fear, office politics, feelings of (insert your own words here) ... and we will set sail our hopes, dreams wishes on our little boats with thoughts of positivity (I will bring little paper boats that will go off on the turning tide).

Mother Earth still has the birds singing, the buds blooming; the world is turning, and we welcome the light in more ways than one.

If anyone has something to contribute, that’s welcome.

Now maybe we need to lep around to ground ourselves... and close circle, and head to hotel (if open) for a cuppa.

I will have spring bulbs and eggs for all to take away, symbols of renewal, etc. (Choc eggs)

Equinox's promise of a new beginning

This coming weekend is quite busy, astrologically speaking. If you don't already know, the Spring Equinox is this Friday at 3.58am (GMT).

This is the astrological New Year, when the slate is wiped clean and new starts are possible.

This year it's followed by a Mars-Jupiter conjuntion at 11.35 (GMT). Mars and Jupiter meet up only every two years or so, so this is quite significant.

The conjunction is in Capricorn - any project started now will eventually bring rewards - the Equinox's promise of a new beginning is emphasised.



Appropriate social distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette measures will be maintained in this situation.

As the Host says - I may be the only one there but that's fine, I want to acknowledge it.

an explanation of Social Distancing from the BBC....

How can you tell if you're too close?

The World Health Organization says keeping at least one metre apart from someone who might be coughing or sneezing will help stop the coronavirus spreading. The coronavirus is spread by tiny droplets sprayed from the nose and mouth when someone who has it coughs or sneezes. If these drops are inhaled or they enter someone's eyes, the virus can be passed on. Keeping a metre away makes it less likely that the drops will spread from person to person.

If you can reach out and touch another person - then you might be too close to them!

Global Spiritual Wheel

Click here to read more about the intentions of the Global Spiritual Wheel and links to previous events ....

This will be opened at 10am and closed at the end of the events at Donabate.

Remember that these events also happen out of time and place. If you cannot join in at the exact time of the get-together join in when you feel comfortable and able to focus - all happens in the ebb and flow at the 'right time' and all is perfect.

Thanks Anne N for sharing these photos of Donabate at High Tide on 11th March 2020. They should be a help in focussing and feeling the place we are linking in to.