All welcome to - Samhain 2019

Completing the current cycle with the get-together on Loughcrew on 22nd September and the flow through the Equinox energies we turn towards the new cycle with Samhain.

Martin wrote these words in 2005:

The wheel has turned again this year
And now we face the winter fear
Of darkeneddays and lengthened nights
And sudden shadows that give usfrights

From highest hill to lowest vale
We look to winterand can not fail
We turn to face what we most dread
Thosedarkened monsters of the head

And when we face our innerdead
We cleanse those monsters from our head
The wheel hasturned we face the dark
Behold the centre, the winter's spark.

“Death blowing bubbles,” 18th century plaster work on the ceiling of Holy Grave Chapel in Michaelsberg Abbey, Bamberg, Germany. The bubbles are said to symbolize life’s fragility.

Loughcrew - Sunday 22nd September 2019

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Spiritual Wheel

Over the years we have suggested that people might like to light a candle as a way of joining in if they cannot attend 'in person', and we know many have done so.

Pat has explained this perfectly: For those tuning in at a distance a non-denominational, universal lattice of spiritual inter-connecting love.

The wheel will be opened again when we have more information on Samhain plans.