Moon Magic Wisdom

Rare moments

I came across this on a page called Wild and Wonderful

What a rare moment of the moon joining the statue of Jesus in Rio De Janerio...

When you look up at the Moon do not forget to notice the stars.

As we hunker down into our winter hibernation and spend more time in our nests it seems appropriate that Bernadette Mac has drawn this card today ( 21st November 2019) - thanks for sharing B.


Now is the time to look at whether you are allowing yourself to receive the extraordinary gift of feeling at home wherever you are.

Take time to savour it so it can deepen and remain with you.

On the other hand if you feel that the world is out to get you it's time to take a break.

Go outside tonight and look at the stars.

Even if you can't see them know deep with that they are there.

Blessings, BernadetteMac



Moon Magic - 26th November 2019 - New Moon - If you have been feeling a bit lost of late not to worry, all is as it should be, as we are all connected to all there is. Have you been getting signs from the universe that confirms “yes, I get it now.”?


The build up to a Full Moon involves preparations as well as Full Moon blessings on the day


Moon Magic - 24th January 2020 is New Moon - click here for Bernadette's insights on how we can use this deep seated energy in our lives - 9th February will be next Full moon


New moon in Pisces - the beginning of a new cycle - a good time to commit to personal goals that express positive energies of the fish sign. These include taking a leap of faith, accepting our imperfections and others as a different kind of perfection.


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Forgiving and letting go is very healing for us. It is a time of great change at this new moon and we are learning to accept it as a part of our life at this time.


Known as a Flower Full Moon, a time for blossoming and spreading your wings and flying.


On this Strawberry Full Moon it's important, during the days surrounding the full moon, that we try our best not to act impulsively.


New Moon on 20th June 2020 - a time to listen - Listen to your heart. Listen to what you need, Listen to your body. The keywords are downtime, rest, listen, pause, take a break and work with the energies right now.


New moon after the full moon in Aquarius - Write down what you want from life and focus on these goals while the new moon is in the sky tonight. You may not see it but you know deep inside it is there - you can feel the energy of it.


The full moon this month is a harvest moon and the moon is in Pisces this time round. New moon in 17th try standing barefoot on the earth or have a sea salt bath. As the sun sets make your wish.


New Moon - Bernadette reminds us -“yes, I get it now. I'm glad I was still. I would never have known this or learned that”