19th April 2019 - Full Moon

This is an old photo taken a few years back on St. Patrick's Day on the Hill of Tara

As we approach the 4th full moon of 2019, on Friday the 19th of April at 12.12, in some traditions it is known as the pink full moon as it is almost that time of flowers in many colours which start to bloom.

Already the cherry blossoms are out in full bloom and so beautiful.

It is also Good Friday,a day for many of reflection on what it is we need to let go of, to forgive. Forgiving and letting go is very healing for us.

As it's a pink moon and there are many different stories around it that can really get us caught up in our heads, I invite you to bring the focus on our hearts today.

Visualise the colour pink. Hold your hand on your heart and think about someone or a situation you need to let go of and forgive... and breathe 3 breaths. In some cases some may find this hard to do.

Then I invite you to bring the focus on the self and forgive oneself, for in doing so you allow for love to come into your heart.

Give it time. Don'trush it. Just hold your hand on your heart and breathe.

This up and coming weekend is about letting go, acceptance, forgiveness, and rebirth... not to mention the Easter bunny or hare in some traditions, and Easter eggs, a symbol of new birth.

So this full moon is set around a very important event... and on this moon magic time, which is happening on 12.12 midday,

Whatever you do on this holy week and full pink moon, may you be blessed with love and light, and a happy full Easter pink moon.

Bernadette Mac