22nd December 2018 - Full Moon

A full moon blessing to all tonight,

one day after the solstice night.

As we come to the end of the year

remember your friends from far and near.

As we reflect on the months and weeks that past,

send all your blessings from deep in your heart.

Blessings to all on this full moon night,

and remember you are love and light.


Friday 21st December - Winter Solstice - there is an element of magic in our urban life style......

As we approach the full moon on Saturday there is a great feeling of knowing, deep in the soul, of the new and creativity, of old ways being remembered, being reborn.

Creativity has great therapy and healing.

Our Ancestors knew that. Remember who you are. Blessings, healing and gratitude.


As we approach the full moon blessings on the 22nd of December, pause for a moment and reflect on what blessings you wish to ask for at this time.

It is the last full moon of the year... maybe a time of letting go, moving forward into the new. It is happening one day after the Winter Solstice, the lunar cycle and nearly the end of the year. It is also known as the Full Cold Moon.

So what blessings are you thankful for as you reflect the new you wish to apply in the coming year?

I will be posting the blessings on the 22nd of December and with that in mind this week gives you time to sit with yourself and remember,reflect and let go ,,,,