19th February 2019 - Full Moon

As we come up to the 2nd full moon of the year 2019, again it is still a New Year to some, just having passed the Chinese New Year, the 5th of February 2019 and, of course, Valentines just on the 14th. So a lot of energies moving there.

So I invite you to pause for a moment and remember loved ones who brought us joy and laughter, and then bring the focus on the self.

Maybe some of you have started spring cleaning in the home or internally, breaking old patterns of thought or actions. Only you know your journey to date.

Have you noticed how things around us in nature are coming to life very early this year? time is surely speeding up.

As you go about doing a spring clean maybe you come across some old photos and items you are letting go of or keeping.

As you do so, have you noticed how time had flown by and how everything seems so far away, yet at the same time close?

It is, maybe, the energy coming up to the Spring Equinox. I am no expert, but something to think about.

So on this full moon, blessings. May your journey so far have been a gentle one.

Preparing for the Full Moon

As we approach the 2nd full moon of this year, 2019, on 19th of February, it is a time of new beginnings, a time of growth.

Buds are starting to come alive again, the birds are singing in the evening time, spring is surely here. The evenings are getting brighter so pause for a moment and ask yourself;

'What is it I would like to see grow and flourish in my life this spring?'

A little thought for the next coming weeks....

'What are you grateful for???'

Only in gratitude can we make room for more blessings, a time for love, light and healing.