17th June 2019 - Full Moon

As we approach the full moon on the 17th June 2019, this Monday, which is a Strawberry Full Moon and also Father's Day on Sunday - honouring the father energy, the male side of us all - have you been putting things off, new ideas and projects, over the past few months?

As we come now to the 6th full moon of the year, the 6th charka, your inner knowing, speaking your truth and getting things done, you are tapping into the male side of the self.

On this Strawberry Full Moon, being the colour red of the base chakra, dig deep down to the base again bring it up to the 6th and speak your truth and get things done, keeping promises to the self.

We are also coming upto the Summer Solstice at this time - the longest day of the year.

A time of gathering together and giving thanks to what we have in our life, to the hardwork that goes into the land by both men and women who work to put food on our table. Sometimes we lose sight of that and need reminding from time to time.

Some of you may have noticed the moon has been hiding a lot behind the clouds this summer but deep within we know it's there, just like deep within yourself you know your purpose and your dreams and goals, new projects and change.

So on this full Strawberry Moon, Father's Day, Summer Solstice, ask yourself

“Am I keeping my promise to myself, speaking my truth, getting things done???”

Maybe on a deep level we are and cannot see it. Just like the moon behind the clouds, we know it's there, that deep knowing.

Full Moon blessings, Bernadette Mac.