12th November 2019 - Full Moon

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to a little bit of Moon Magic on this Full Moon the 12th of November the Beaver Full Moon, and the Full Moon is in Taurus, a time of release and let go in preparation for the coming month ahead.

Are there still some old issues you need to let go of ???

This Full Moon is a great opportunity for doing just that.

On the last Full Moon, on October the 13th, I posted to just keep it simple, connect to the heart and quiet the mind.

This Full Moon I invite you to do the same as the Full Moon is a busy one, as the moon is in Taurus together with the Beaver, both being an animal to get things done and both very grounding.

Not to worry, for there is great learning and realising at this time.

Again keep it in the moment or the day.

Sometimes things happen for a reason when we feel like this and don't see the woods for the trees, only to know in the end, when we look back, it was all meant to be.

This is a time of old relationships to be healed. Forgive others so we can move on... and set healthy boundaries and also be gentle with the self.

Last year was the first Full Moon Magic I posted for Tara Celebrations and it was a Beaver Full Moon on the 23rd of November and it fell on Thanksgiving Day.

Losing the light of our sun as the evenings now draw darker, as we prepare for the Winter season, bringing the warmth of the fire into our homes, I invite you to reflect on the past year.

As you ponder on these questions ask yourself what am I grateful for and blessed to have in my life right now?

As you do this bring your thoughts to the moment and ask have I really taken 20 steps back?

Have all the ups and downs been you inner guidance, helping you along your path?

There is no right or wrong way when you let go and trust all works out. It can be quite hard to see that at the time or even let go but we do it anyway, sometimes without even knowing it.

So on this Full Moon:

May you be blessed with love light and healing.
May your light shine brightly on these dark Winter nights.
May you know that the light will shine again as the day of the Winter Solstice draws near.

Full Moon blessings, Bernadette Mac

23rd November 2018 - Full Moon

In some traditions the full moon this month is called Beaver Moon and falls on U.S. Thanksgiving Day.

So let us pause for a moment as you read this and ask ' What is it today I'm truly blessed with? '

And ' What blessings am I asking for as the Winter months are upon us? '

The Beaver is busy building his home to keep warm for the winter, among many animals andhumans at this time of year.

As the evenings are darker we light our homes brightly inside with a beautiful fire burning.

As we lose the light on the outside we still have it on the inside.

It is a time of deep reflection and change.

So what blessings are you asking for as we draw within?

I invite you to sit quietly and listen to your inner being, let it guide you.

Knowing that the light will shine again on our days as the Winter Solstice draws near, may you be all blessed with magic on this November Full Moon.

shin shin, Bernadette.