Moon Magic Wisdom

Moon Magic Wisdom14th September 2019

Take a deep breath and relax...

Moon Magic - First Quarter - 6th September 2019

Are you feeling the need to search for something new in your life at this time, to give your life meaning? With the moon in Sagittarius you have an optimistic approach to life even if things are not going great for you at this time.

Moon Magic New Moon 30th August 2019

A time of action, a time of go go go...busy busy busy and a sense of change and getting things done.

Moon Magic Wisdom 15th August 2019

New moon in Leo, full moon in Aquarius, there are sure a lot of energies going on this month! Bernadette Mac shares her insights for this Full Moon.

Moon Magic Wisdom - New Moon - 1st August 2019

Leo, being a fire sign, as you write down your dreams and goals on the New Moon call upon the elements, mostly the fire within.

Moon Magic Wisdom 16th July 2019

Moon Magic Wisdom 17th June 2019

On this Strawberry Full Moon, being the colour red of the base chakra, dig deep down to the base again bring it up to the 6th and speak your truth and get things done, keeping promises to the self.

Moon Magic Wisdom 18th May 2019

It is known as a Flower Full Moon, a time for blossoming and spreading your wings and flying.

Moon Magic Wisdom 19th April 2019

Forgiving and letting go is very healing for us.

Moon Magic Wisdom 21st March 2019

3 events are going on which bring to mind the shamrock

Moon Magic Wisdom 19th February 2019

Have you noticed how things around us in nature are coming to life very early this year?

Moon Magic Wisdom 21st January 2019

A moon called the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Moon Magic Wisdom - New Moon - 6th January 2019

As we come up to Little Christmas and New Moon let's pause for a moment...

Moon Magic Wisdom 22nd December 2018

The build up to this Full Moon involved Preparations as well as Full Moon blessings on the day

Moon Magic Wisdom 23rd November 2018

Full moon blessings to all this Month - 23rd November 2018.