Moon Magic New Moon 30th August 2019

A little bit of moon magic on this the new moon in Virgo 30th of August 2019

A very positive and focused new moon this time around.

Again, without getting to much into all the meanings around it, I like to keep it simple ...just touch on it....

A time of action, a time of go go go...busy busy busy and a sense of change and getting things done.

No more putting things on the back burner, so its back to school, back to work, back to the gym or exercise.

Your ready to take off with your new ideas and projects, it's a time of focus as we now come to the end of the summer and getting into the autumn.

Just like the spring it's a time for clearing your space, get grounded and bring balance in.

As this time gets busy, it is a very positive time, so bring in self love, accepting.

Have faith in the self as you move forward into you inner power and stepping forward into the new.

All the time stay connected to spirit.

As we get back to work, school, etc., best make sure you allow yourself down time and rest and eat healthy.

So I invite you to sit quietly for a moment, get focused on the now, take a breathe and look at all you have achieved up till now.

Maybe there are things you can now tick off on that list.

As we do that we make room for the new.

Key word – being, self love, self care, focus, health and positivty.

Wishing you all many blessings on this new moon, Bernadette Mac