Moon Magic Wisdom 15th August 2019

Hi Everyone to a bit of moon magic on this months full moon.

New moon in Leo, full moon in Aquarius, there are sure a lot of energies going on this month!

August 15th 2019 - without getting too lost in so many different meanings I invite you to feel it with your heart, your intuition, use your chakras to tune into your body on this full moon, remembering we all have the answers within.

I would like to share some stories that I have come across with people sharing this month's full moon and also the new moon in Leo, what I picked up by their experience in which I could relate to, and of course the new and full moons we have been tuning into up to now.

Up to now we all have been setting goals, dreams and desires and letting go.

Making new plans in the New Year our first full moon, and with each new and full moon, we got the chance to start over again with plans we made for our life, maybe a new job, move to a new house, go on a trip, or step into your own power.

Have you been putting off being a healer, work in holistic therapies, art and craft, music, dance, write a book?

I have come across people who shared that this full moon has brought change into their life, something they were working on a few years back and never gave up and now it happened.

Others are being forced or led to change that can be uncomfortable. Go with it, also letting go of the past. Heal it and move on and let go, and watch the time speed up making changes and stepping into the new.

So I invite you to say :

See change as a new adventure. There is much abundance, celebrate it.

Time to plant that seed.

So, from the heart, plant that seed with love, peace and healing.

Many blessings on this August full moon 2019. BernadetteMac