Moon Magic Wisdom 21st January 2019

First full moon of 2019, a moon called the Super Blood Wolf Moon, and a total lunar eclipse.

I was just woken up, at about 4.30am'ish, thirsty and decided to go and look outside.

The moon was to the right of the house and it was nearly covered but I managed to get a photo of it. I felt a great sense of wonder.

I knew others were out and about around the country but, me being in an urban area, I felt like the only soul out taking the photos.

My own inner feeling was there was a soul healing and knowing taking place in the early hours of this morning. It was a rare opportunity for me and many others.

And for those who didn't see it, I know there was great healing taking place.

Moon blessings to all. Bernadette.

The eve of the Super Full Blood Moon.

Let there be a feeling of peace and ease in your heart tonight.

By the light of the moon
may there be healing and blessings to all.


As we approach the first full moon of 2019, a moon called the Super Blood Wolf Moon, and a total lunar eclipse on the 21st of January...

... ask yourself what do I want to achieve this year? have I let go of energies that no longer serve me?

The moon is, for some, a perfect opportunity to reset your goals and dreams for the coming year... kind of like a reboot.

So take the opportunity to reboot.

Make it simple as they say...

Make a list of what you want to manifest and let go of it, burn it, and just let it go.

We can use the the Super Blood Wolf Moon to start anew, but remembering every moment is an opportunity...

Blessings on this full Blood Wolf Moon.

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