Moon Magic Wisdom 23rd November 2018

23 November 2018 - 05.39am

In some traditions the full moon this month is called Beaver Moon and falls on Thanksgiving.

So let us pause for a moment as you read this and ask ' What is it today I'm truly blessed with? '

And ' What blessings am I asking for as the winter months are upon us? '

The beaver is busy building his home to keep warm for the winter, among many animals and humans at this time of year.

As the evenings are darker we light our homes brightly inside with a beautiful fire burning.

As we lose the light on the outside we still have it on the inside.

It is a time of deep reflection and change.

So what blessings are you asking for as we draw within?

I invite you to sit quietly and listen to your inner being, let it guide you.

Knowing that the light will shine again on our days as the winter solstice draws near, may you be all blessed with magic on this November full moon.

shin shin,