Moon Magic Wisdom - New Moon - 1st August 2019

Hi Everyone, welcome to a bit of Moon-magic.

The 1st of August marks the day of new moon in Leo...

  • Fire, Passion, being a leader...
  • stepping into new projects, relationships , home, Job.
  • It's time for inspiration on all levels of life.
  • It is time for you now to shine your inner light, no more holding onto the past, align with your inner being and emerge.

--- oOo ---

Take time out to write down your dreams and goals. Make a list of what you have achieved this past year, no matter how big or small, for it is in the effort of making life changes that makes you happy and become that person you know is deep within the soul.

Leo, being a fire sign, as you write down your dreams and goals on the New Moon call upon the elements, mostly the fire within.

Be open to new ideas. By clearing the mind bring clarity to the self.

When the intentions are written down burn them on this New Moon. Let them go and trust.

Listen to the inner self, and trust all is well.

Do one thing that makes you feel good over this weekend.

Connect with like minded souls, share ideas, desires and goals from the heart. Have open heart sharing and inspire each other.

So on this New Moon may you all be blessed with Love, Peace, Abundance, Passion, Joy and Happiness.

Bernadette Mac