September Weekly Cards

Weekly message for 20th September 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to the weekly card message from the Native Spirit deck. Grandmother Earth.

Stop and take measure of your life. Access who you are and where you are. Get grounded. Make plans for the future, don't act on these plans until you are ready and feel secure in stepping forward. There is a profound source of strength and power within you, and is it expanding now. Put your roots down. This is a time for preparation and going deeper.

Spirit wants you to know: Grandmother Earth provides the trees, plants, flowers, rivers, streams, oceans, mountains and valleys and supports us all with her bounty. She's stable and strong in her devotion to us. You are supported and loved even if if you're not always sure of it. Strength is growing within you. Don't rush, slowdown. The seeds that you plant now will bring abundance in the future, only if you take the time to nurture these new beginnings.

Time to plan your future carefully. Don't rush into anything. Security and protection surrounds you. you are safe. If you're thinking of making secure financial investments and received this card it's telling you that this is a good time to do so. It's not time to take risks.

The journey: to deepen your connection to Grandmother Earth and bring security to all forms into your life. Walk barefoot on the earth, place your hands in the Earth or make investments. Imagine the strengthening grounding energy of the Earth filling you and your life.

Many blessings for you for the week ahead.

Bernadette Mac

Weekly message from Bernadette 14th September 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to the weekly angel card message. Maya.

Schooling, study and education help your life purpose and personal growth at this time. The angels will guide you and help you with this process.

Additional message: we strongly recommend that you continue with your education and study because the additional information and experience will accelerate the fruition of your life purpose. You may worry about having the means to go forward with this schooling. Reassure you that everything will be provided to you along the way.

Educational process brings you great rewards. It enriches your understanding of your spiritual power, and accelerates your memory and motivation towards your life purpose. We all guide you to teachers, schools, books, fun, schedules and all the resources that are plentiful available to you now. Whatever you're studying we are there.

May you have many angel blessings, love and light, Bernadette Mac.

Weekly message from Bernadette 7th September 2020