Fáilte go dtí Tara Celebrations

Celebrating the 8 fold year with ritual  & meditation

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Samhain Winter Solstice Imbolc Spring Equinox
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 Bealtaine Summer SolsticeLughnasadhAutumn Equinox


Next gathering - Winter Solstice 2015 - information will be posted mid December 



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meath meditation

Monday Meditations at Bective Co. Meath 


Click here for Samhain 31st October 2015 - Clearing a space for the wisdom of the ancestors

 Centring on aligning ourselves with the wisdom of our ancestors

 loughcrew inside

Click Here for Autumn Equinox "Sun Moon and me"

19th September 2015:  Seomra Tara: At Equinox we move away from the summer's freewheeling dominant emotional and physical energies, towards the mental and spiritual realms supported by the study and introspection of winter. Our intention in this gathering will be to acknowledge the seasonal energies, reviewing the past year, then coming to the centre of our being and acknowledging the blessed life we have on earth. 


Click here for Lughnasadh - A time for fun and celebration

1st August  2015 at Teltown House / Teach Tailteann B & B

People celebrate Lughnasadh all over the world, this is the original Lughnasadh site, It was an honour and a privilege to be here with the friendly energies of Lugh.


teltown aug 15


Click here for Summer Solstice "The Wisdom of the Sunflower"

 21st June 2015 Meditating on what Sunflowers have to teach us under the fairy tree on Tara

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Click Here for Bealtaine 2015

1st May 2015 Fourknocks. Bealtaine is strongly connected to the dialogue between the Goddess and the  God and back again, a woman and a man,

the male and female principles within each one of us.  



Click here for Spring Equinox - Goodbye Darkness my old friend, until we meet again…

 21 March 2015 Dowth megalithic mound & Bective Abbey: At Dowth we will acknowledge the dark and its gifts, then make our way to Bective Abbey, higher ground, where we will acknowledge the increasing light. We will thank and acknowledge the land that we are on, its constant support, always supporting us with new buds, new life, new hope.


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Click here for Imbolc - Planting the Seeds of our Dreams

 1st Feb 2015, Bective Mill.  The themes of the day were based on the Goddess Danu, Planting the Seeds of our Dreams, the Feminine Energy, Healing and Water




Click here for Winter Solstice - walking the white winter path of wonder

21st Dec 2015, Seomra Tara: Creation of a labyrinth, lit by the light of candle blessings and positive footstep affirmations, reflecting on the support of the elements to bring us to our goal


 winter solstice footprints


Click here for Samhain - Stepping over the threshold

 1st November Rath Lugh, Tara: Honouring the past and stepping over the threshold into the new year. We honoured the Goddess of the Ancestors, Maeve, and the now dead Sun God Lugh who will arise again at winter solstice like a phoenix from the ashes.


 the centre of the crossroads


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