IMPORTANT. - Monday Meditation during Winter Months

13th January 2020 meditation was cancelled due to Storm Bernard and the risk of being out in high winds and lashing rain. There is not always time to post information about a cancellation on facebook or on the website.

If you are not in contact with someone in the group, or are thinking of going for a first time, please get in touch the day before (via email or facebook) to make a connection and to ensure that it has not been cancelled due to bad weather such as storms or snow.


Messages for week starting 20th January 2020:

Good morning and what a fresh one it is today; the frost is thick on the ground, a feeling of stillness.

The card message for the week ahead is Harmony. This card meaning - Conflict is resolved in a situation that was troubling you. Now you deserve this peace and happiness and accept it graciously.

Read more here - January cards and messages. Many blessings love and light, Bernadette Mac

Quote for the week ahead....

Strength comes in many different forms of messages. Stand back and observe.

Many blessings, Bernadette Mac

Read more here - January cards and messages

Calendar of Ceremonies

No tickets or entry permits required. No charge for gatherings for the eight festivals.

Meditation meets & other activities usually have a small fee for expenses, room hire, etc.

Insight gained at Fourknocks Megalithic site in Co. Meath which we were visiting prior to a Celebration:

We do not seek to do what they did, we seek what they sought

And as Pat says in his Winter Solstice 2018 comments:

It has to be said that most of our celebrations are like this one: profound, simple occasions that fill a need in all of humankind for sharing and talking and thinking and getting close to nature and going without and going within.

Click here for dates of Seasons and Moon Phases in 2020


2nd November 2019 at Fourknocks

Photos & Information

Winter Solstice

22nd December 2019 on Tara

Photos and info on the day


2020 notice will be posted soon

photo of 2nd Feb 2019 at Bective

Spring Equinox

23rd March 2019 at Bective

photos and info on the day


4th May 2019 at Dalgan Park

Words / pictures

Summer Solstice

23rd June at Bective Mill

More information here


11th August 2019 at St. Ciaran's Well

A photo diary of what happened

Autumn Equinox

22nd September 2019 at Loughcrew

up-date of experiences on the day

Based in Ireland, with connections all over the world, we are free, non-profit, open, inclusive and non-denominational, drawing on all spiritual philosophies and traditions.

We are an eclectic mix of peoples of all beliefs and traditions that celebrates the ancient pre-celtic festivals using ritual, ceremony and meditation.

We create a contemporary ritual for each of the eight festivals drawing from the ancient traditions, mythology and beliefs found predominantly in Ireland.

Some meets are more like social gatherings whilst others are formal and ceremonial /ritualistic depending on the prevalent energies of the time and place as interpreted by the day's host.

Celebrations are usually held outdoors and are open to all like minded people who feel drawn to be at the event.

Get-togethers can happen at any time of day or night.

Monday evening Meditation and Healing Circle is held at The Elements Holistic Centre, Oaktree Business Park, Trim, Co. Meath.

Who arranges the meditations and celebrations?

Regular attenders, who 'know the ropes' and evening's general format, will set up the meditations using their experience of what suits most people. Evenings are lead by different people each week and thus a wide range of styles, traditions and inspiration is shared.

Read more about the intentions for the meditation and healing circle here...

Each Celebration event has a volunteer host, often aided and abetted by others, who calls the date, time and venue for the gathering and also the intention and focus, bringing to the fore the energies of the season.

The volunteer hosts over recent years include Vivia, Zoey, Jean, Martin, Marta, Dana, Anne, Tom, Bernadette Mac, Susan, Bernadette C, John M, Pat, Nora. Others who felt the call to tune in and plan each celebration have included Anne B, Des, Eileen, John A, Mary, Mary O, Theresa, Yamann and many others, who join in body or in spirit.

Pinterest - Tara Celebration's Boards

Inspiration from cultures around the world for celebrating our lives on earth.
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Boards include:
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Issuu on-line publications

Over the years we gather a wealth of experience and information as we are inspired by the changing energies of each season.

These are compiled into an Issuu publication for each of the 8 Festivals. Read the most recent compilation of TC gatherings at Samhain here.... Samhain ideas and experiences

Sections include:
Seasonal Characters
Ceremony Ideas
Food and Drink

Why 'Tara Celebrations'?

In 2007 some of us who regularly celebrated the eight annual festivals wanted to share our experiences and knowledge and had to find a website name to do that, eventually deciding on Tara Celebrations. It is not the name of a specific organisation with a constitution or set of rules, there are no members or officials such as a Chairman or Secretary.

The website is now a collaboration between Michael in Canada (, Martin and Pat in Ireland, Nora in UK and with the help and input of many others.

We welcome any queries, insights or input. We may be contacted through