Samhain celebration 31st October 2020 : preparation cards and message from host

Hi Everybody, welcome to Tara celebrations on Samhain for 31st of October 2020.

The Theme is Stepping out of the Shadows and into the Light.

The Samhain celebration will be taking place on Tara Celebration's Bective Meditation link at 6pm if people would like to join me.

You might find it helpful to put on earphones when I start the meddy and calling in the directions

Link for Samhain 'live' Saturday 31st October 2020 start 6pm.

To get into the spirit of Halloween you might get the urge to dress up and also will you all light a lantern for the event. You can do this in your own space and share it on the link above when some of us go 'live'. It's to tune in together with the energy of the light .

The focus point is the graveyard on the hill of Tara just inside the gate to the left where 3 tress stand towards the north east. Moonrise is also to the north east so that is our focus point.

And it's also a full moon and it's in Taurus and it's the 2nd full moon in October so we have so much going on this year for Samhain.

I feel I need to build up each day right up to next weekend, the 31st, so each day I will post a card for the day from this beautiful deck.

Blessings to you all. Bernadette Mac.

The full text for each card can be read here

We may not be singers but we can sing in our hearts...Look in the mirror and be challenged by what we see...The Hunter of Mystery stands in the Shadows to emerge into the light...
Thursday 29th October will appear here.
All fresh starts of any kind warrant the attention we would lavish on a child
coming into the world.
We can spend a great deal of time in a no man's land of strife and disillusion.

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Hi everybody on welcome to the daily card message.

I am the shaman of birth. I guide Souls into being. I am present from the moment of conception to the moment when the newborn arrives in the world. I help at birth of many things including ideas, beliefs, wisdom and change. I guard and show the way to all who seek this path of New Beginnings. Trust in me as you contemplate your future for I am midwife to the dreams of many.

We give birth everyday- to ideas, aspirations, hope and promises. Our ancestors understood the importance of New Beginnings to insure the continuing life of the tribe, and we can learn much from this. All fresh starts of any kind warrant the attention we would lavish on a child coming into the world. The shaman of birth shows the miracle of pregnancies. A warrior figure guards the woman who carries the unborn child ensuring that is it comes to no harm. We need to take the same protective attitude to any new ideas of fresh directions in our lives.

Blessings to all today Bernadette Mac

New life. New directions and ideas. Rebirth of Dreams for fulfillment and encouraging new approaches to problems. Preparing for the moment and future life lines.

Monday meditation anchors the week

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Monday Meditation and Healing Circle will be held online for the forseeable...

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